a strategic partnership with CROP.ZONE

In October 2020 together with strategic partners, German ag-techstart-up, CROP.ZONE, we launched NUCROP – Hybrid ElectricCrop Protection.

NUCROP is a new sustainable alternative for weed management, this innovation in farming works by pre-treating plants with a conductive liquid (acceptable for organic use) and then applying an electrical charge to control the weeds. It’s highly effective and consumes less energy than traditional weeding technologies.

The innovative patented solutions complement existing,  synthetic herbicides, offering farmers a competitive and  sustainable alternative for weed management –contributing to yield optimization and farm profitability while helping to achieve sustainability goals.

Nufarm and CROP.ZONE combine chemical and  physical processes to create a compelling and  sustainable method of weed control. By pre-treating  plants with an organic, regulated liquid that is conductive and then applying electrical charge, the company can  control weeds with a very high degree of efficiency and  lower energy consumption than conventional weeding technologies. Nufarm and CROP.ZONE offer a safe,  reliable, and environmentally friendly alternative to make  European agriculture more sustainable.

Hear from Crop.Zone about how we’re working together and what they think of Nufarm as a Partner for Growth.