Development Capability

Targeting Australian Conditions

In the last decade Nufarm has launched three world-first formulations that were researched, designed and tested in Australia, specifically for Australian conditions.

With the development timeframe for a new product formulation varying from around four to seven  years, Nufarm is one of the few companies that dedicate resources to develop products specifically  tailored to Australian conditions.

Our development capability spans across local laboratories, where new formulations are developed,  to glasshouse trials and multi-year field trials where products are tested for efficacy and crop safety  before they are registered and made available to farmers.


A world first, patented, triple salt glyphosate formulation that features outstanding efficacy, unrivalled registration package, and excellent compatibility. This higher loaded product provides fast weed brownout and short rainfast period, all delivered in a market-leading easy-to-handle 600gai liquid formulation.

Weedmaster ARGO®

Weedmaster ARGO is a patented dual-salt 540gai formulation developed by Nufarm for the Australian & NZ market and subsequently distributed by Nufarm in the USA, Canada and Europe, showing excellent efficacy & outstanding compatibility.

Amicide Advance 700®

A world first, patented product which delivers a stable and higher loaded formulation to control a wide range of broadleaf weeds for both in-crop and fallow cycles. More than six years of laboratory, glass house and replicated field trial work went into creating this 2,4-D dual salt amine formulation for the unique Australian market.

Dropzone® 500

Dropzone 500 is a patented low-odour 2,4-D herbicide to assist with managing spray drift & improving efficacy. This new product is specifically formulated and tested for Australian conditions and is an ideal mixing partner with CRUCIAL. The unique formulation creates the optimum size range of droplet to maximise the amount of product reaching the target and minimize the amount lost. This improves product efficacy and reduces the risk of impacting off-target areas.