A Partner for Growth

“When every dollar that you spend on research and development matters you are forced to think creatively about the partnerships you enter into as well as the places you look for innovation to develop the right solutions."

Greg Hunt

There are two things that guide the way we develop the right solutions:


When we think about our portfolio, we think about the end  customer, the grower and solve for their needs. The customer is at  the centre of our strategy and we know that constantly thinking  about our customers’ needs and how our business better serves  products and solutions to meet those needs will keep us in  business for the next 100 years.


When we think about how we get our products to the grower it is through our channel partners and here we strive to be easy to do business with. We apply this same attitude to our suppliers and development partners.

Our brand values are “down to earth”, “hands on” and “empathetic”. That is us, humble people, easy collaborators who value diversity and creative thinking. Our partners enjoy working with us and this  leads to exciting developments fuelled not just by the dollars spent.

For many, the concept of a post-patent Agrichemical company looking for more sustainable  solutions that may use less or even no chemicals may seem hard to grasp. However, if you  understand us – that we don’t believe in the labels that others might like to place on us, that  we are only guided by the customer and what they need – then what you’ll see on these pages is a company who is taking a very different approach to solving for the current  challenges we know growers around the world face.

Our development, supplier and channel partners see us as a “Partner for Growth”. For our ultimate customers, this is exciting because it means our portfolio is broadening into new  areas to specifically address the kinds of challenges they face now and in the future. It will  mean we maintain and grow our relevance to growers all over the world as we continue to be  their “Partner for Growth”.