Patented technology commercialised by Nufarm

Trunemco is an innovative, effective seed treatment for farmers that protects against nematode damage. Developed by BASF and commercialised by Nufarm.

Nematode damage to soybean, cotton and corn cropsis a growing issue for farmers and in response Nufarm has commercialised Trunemco , an innovative biochemical andmicrobial seed treatment to reduce croplosses.

This patented technology, developed by BASF and acquired by Nufarm, has been developed and commercialised in key global markets and was launched in America in 2020. Trunemco aligns with Nufarm’s growth strategy, offering both new and innovative crop protection products in conjunction with quality foundation solutions.

Trunemco works differently to traditional chemistries. It is a biological treatment applied to the seed prior to planting to prime the plant’s own physiology, stimulating natural defence systems which protect against damage causedby soil nematodes.

The technology also contains micro-organisms to produce healthier root systems and support stronger seedlings to help improve crop yield. The combination of Trunemco’s effectiveness in increasing yields and its low toxicity profile make it an ideal candidate as an alternate solution to seed treatments for farmers.

It’s a first-of-its-kind patented combination of a microorganism and biochemical to defend against a broad spectrum of damaging nematode species, and is another alternative solution added to Nufarm’s portfolio of solutions.

Trunemco provides producers with the opportunity to move beyond traditional chemistry-based products to address the threat of nematodes by leveraging the plant’s natural defences. An additional related benefit is its low toxicity profile which significantly improves handling ease for growers/ applicators, allowing them to improve their bottom line.